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Shaken or Stirred

A collection of our favorite single origin cold brew coffee recipes

Cold Brew Coffee Bourbon Cocktail

Altitude + Bourbon Toddy

Whether you're unwinding from a long day or fueling for an adventurous evening, the Doyle Heritage Series single origin collection is the bold bite of caffeine to elevate your favorite choice of bourbon. The Altitude Toddy is the go-to-drink to enjoy the smooth flavors of Altitude Cold Brew along with the oak-barrel aged perfection of America's liquor.

Shopping List

1. 6 oz of Altitude Doyle Heritage Reserve
2. 3 oz of Bourbon (Bulleit Bourbon shown)
3. Small squirt of Agave Nectar
4. 1 oz of milk or cream
5. Ice
6. Orange peel for garnish
(Makes two servings)

How to Prepare

1. Combine coffee, bourbon, agave nectar and ice in a shaker
2. Shake to mix 
3. Strain into a rocker glass over ice 
4. Add cream or milk to taste
5. Add orange peel for garnish

Cold Brew Coffee Affogato

Altitude Affogato

Combining the founders' two favorite food groups, the Altitude Affogato is a sweet and creamy treat, complete with the crunch of added chocolate chips. Our coffee is purposely brewed to minimize acidity and bitterness, making it the perfect base to complement any ice cream flavor.

Shopping List

1. 10 ounces of Doyle Heritage Series
(Brazil recommended)
2. Two Scoops of Halo Top's Vanilla Bean
3. Handful of chocolate chips
4. Ice 

How to Prepare

1. Fill glass cup with ice and pour in Altitude two thirds of the way full
2. Place two scoops of ice cream on top of the coffee and ice
3. Garnish with chocolate chips

Cold Brew Coffee and Cream

Sweet and Creamy Altitude

While Connor prefers his single origins straight black, we left enough room in the bottle to encourage your inner barista. Whether it's sweet and sour mix or cream, customize your coffee soundtrack for every morning.

Shopping List

1. One bottle of Doyle Heritage Reserve
2. 2 oz of heavy cream
3. 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
4. 0.5 oz of agave nectar

How to Prepare

1. Fill glass two thirds full of Doyle's Reserve
2. Add cream, vanilla extract and agave nectar. Stir in ingredients
3. Add ice and stir again
(The agave nectar is easier to dissolve before adding ice)

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